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Fuse Master Super Spray 8 oz

Fuse Master - Clear Coat 8 oz
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Super Spray Overglaze

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One of Fusion Master's signature products....
At last, there is a very low-lead overglaze that prevents devitrification on kiln fired glass projects that is proven safe for food bearing surfaces. Super Spray will not discolor reds, oranges or other sensitive tones. For easy application, simply brush it onto your glass project or spray it on with an air brush or atomizer BEFORE THE FIRST FIRING. Matures at 1350F or higher. Super Spray is not designed to FIX existing devitrification.

What is glass devitrification? Glass devitrification is the process by which molten glass is cooled too slowly and thereby becomes crystalline, with a milky appearance, and no longer able to be used as glass.

Use Super Spray to hold mica to the surface of your glass. See what Dana Worley is doing...


WHICH OVERGLAZE SHOULD I USE??? - They all work really well and there isn't a bad choice. Super Spray is a clear glass in powdered form, Clear Coat and Fusing Solution contain a boric acid flux that mixes with the surface of the glass to prevent devitrification.

Super Spray is the popular for colored glass, Clear Coat is used a lot by production houses working with float or window glass. Fusing Solution is also a gel glue and it great when working with frit, stringers, pieces of glass and dimension objects like bottles.

Bending Glass is for low temperature work.