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Fuse Master Clear Coat 8 oz

Fuse Master - Clear Coat 8 oz
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"Clear Coat Overglaze" Is the best and safest overglaze. It does not contain any lead or glass powders, only a natural fluxing agent that produces a durable glossy shine on the surface of your fired glass. Completely safe to use on food bearing surfaces. Ideal for use on clear window glass, as well as colored glass like Spectrum, Bullseye, Uroboros and others. To apply, just brush or spray a light coat onto the top surface of the glass being fused. "Clear Coat" has a working range of 1350° to 1550°.

WHICH OVERGLAZE SHOULD I USE??? - They all work really well so there isn't a bad choice. "Super Spray" is a clear glass in powdered form, "Clear Coat" and "Fusing Solution" contain a boric acid flux that mixes with the surface of the glass to prevent devitrification.

"Super Spray" is the popular for colored glass, "Clear Coat" is used a lot by production houses working with float or window glass. "Fusing Solution" is also a gel glue and it great when working with frit, stringers, pieces of glass and dimension objects like bottles. "Bending Glaze" is for low temperature work.