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Fuse Master Bending Glaze 4 oz

Fuse Master Bending Glaze 4 oz
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Bending Glaze 4 oz Bottle

Designed to mature at 1100°F, this overglaze can be brushed or sprayed directly onto the surface or ground edges of a piece of glass to prevent devitrification during the slumping cycle. Ideal for single layer bending such as bent lamp panels. This product needs to be fired at least to 1100F for at least 5 min. Holds up to 1300F. NOT safe for food-bearing surfaces.

WHICH OVERGLAZE SHOULD I USE??? - They all work really well so there isn't a bad choice. "Super Spray" is a clear glass in powdered form, "Clear Coat" and "Fusing Solution" contain a boric acid flux that mixes with the surface of the glass to prevent devitrification.

"Super Spray" is the popular for colored glass, "Clear Coat" is used a lot by production houses working with float or window glass. "Fusing Solution" is also a gel glue and it great when working with frit, stringers, pieces of glass and dimension objects like bottles. "Bending Glaze" is for low temperature work.