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Olympic front-loading multi-purpose kilns are ideal for jewelry, glass beads, enameling, dental labs, lampworking, and ceramics.  The front-loading feature allows easy access to the kiln while it is hot and a vent hole in the roof of each model allows wax vapors to escape when the models are used for wax burnout.  An observation hole in the door of the kilns provides a way to view items being fired without opening the kiln. The electronic controller, whether a 3 key or 12 key digital is selected, provides precision and accurate temperature control essential for jewelry and enameling work.

120 volt models can be built with the door as side hinged, bottom hinged, or with a guillotine lift. The doors of the 240-208 volt models are heavier than the 120 volt models and door options allow for bottom hinged or guillotine lift.  Door design must be specified at the time of purchase.  

Other options for front loaders include bead doors for annealing and quartz glass viewing windows, either round or rectangle in diameter, for viewing work as it is fired. Adding quartz viewing windows will lower the temperature range of the kiln to a maximum temperature of 1700°F.