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1.5'' 12''x12'' KAISER LEE BOARD

KLB 12x12x1.5
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SKU: B-KLB12-1.5

"Experience the nearly endless possibilities to create unusual glass art, using KAISER LEE BOARD (KLB) in your kiln as the fusing shelf & glass forming material


- to drape,

- slump,

- drop-out &

- cast glass.


KLB can be used over and over again, so you can make versatile and adaptable molds that you will enjoy for a very long time. Kaiser Lee Board is an instant mold material. So it will be possible for you to cut and carve your own mold from a piece of KLB in minutes and then experience the delight of full fusing and slumping in a single firing." Company Advertising


Note: Do not Fire fiber products directly on a clay shelf. Either cover it completely with a piece of thick fiber paper or take it out and use a KLB shelf directly on your kiln floor. We recommend that you get at least 2 boards of the same size for easy set up.