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Olympic, the first kiln manufacturer to build square designed 120 volt kilns, first to build 18" wide 120 volt kilns, first to design loading capabilities that include both top and clamshell loading in a single kiln-creating two kilns in one, and first to build larger square designed kilns running on 240-208 volts.

You expect and demand value, performance and choice.   Olympic delivers.

Innovative, Original, Creative

1st - to create the 28”, 12-sided electric kiln

1st - to create the Oval electric kiln for ceramics and glass

1st - to create the Electric Raku kiln for ceramics and glass 

1st - to design affordable large capacity sized Production electric and gas kilns

1st - to create Square 120 volt glass kilns

1st - to create 18” wide (octagon and square) 120 volt glass firing kilns

Olympic Kilns glass fusing studio line of kilns are designated by the models inside dimensions, width and depth.  Letter abbreviations with the model number explain how a kiln is equipped.  The production, high volume glass fusing kilns are designated by the cubic feet inside the kiln and letter abbreviations describing the design style of the kiln.

Studio Line of Glass Fusing, PMC and Heat-treating Kilns

Example: SQ1814GFE = SQ-square, 18” x 18” wide x 13.5” deep, GF-glass fusing (kiln has lid and body elements), E-equipped with an electronic controller 2350°F

High Volume Production Commercial Line of Glass Fusing Kilns

Example: GF17ETLC = GF-glass fusing (elements in lid and body of kiln) 17cubic feet inside space within the firing chamber; E-equipped with an electronic controller, TLC-top and clamshell loading

Abbreviations for Glass Kilns:

Bell – firing chamber lifts up by electronic winch and floor remains stationery

CS – clamshell loading

CUBE - design style of kiln line for dual media for glass and ceramic firings and ceramics firing only

DM – dual media for firing glass and ceramics, 3” brick and the kiln fires to cone 10-2350° F - has lid element for glass fusing

E – an electronic controller equips the kiln

FL – front  loading

GF - glass Fusing

GFETLC – glass fusing kiln equipped with an electronic controller that has duplicate openings, top and clamshell loading capabilities

HB – HotBox - small 120 volt kilns that fire to cone 10-2350° F

SQ - square style design

Which model is the one for you, your business, school, studio? Determine the size (width and height) of the pieces you will be firing in the next year; what the temperature range is required; and what type of  power and electrical wiring is available where the kiln will be located.. These three factors will steer you to the model that will be most productive to meeting your goals.