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Smaller Version of THE Grinder
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The Grinder2

Enjoy the amazing features of The Grinder at a lower cost! Smaller work surface (11 x 9.5 in.). Premium accessories sold separately.

Space-saving design and whisper-quiet operation.

The new Grinder2, a smaller version of The Grinder, boasts a powerful, whisper-quiet motor, but in a smaller chassis with an 11 x 9.5 in. work surface.

Techniglass's innovative Lumishield2 LED light, the Guard2 splash curtain, and the MiniG elevated work surface are offered separately as optional items.

Designed for space saving efficiency and exemplary performance, The Grinder2 is an advanced tool for professionals, hobbyists and classroom settings of limited space. Supported by a super quiet, powerful motor boasting a torque of 71 oz/in at 4500 RPM; Vibration Dampening Technology absorbs shock and provides added stability to maintain an extremely whisper-quiet operation for the most pleasurable grinding. With optional accessories, The Grinder2 can be customized with innovative technology.

The inventive design of The Grinder2 results in minimal sound when idling. Our proprietary motor is designed to maintain a consistent low temperature, which prevents overheating. Consumption of electricity is dramatically reduced. The Grinder2 uses 24X less electricity than other grinders.


  • Powerful DC Brushless Motor
  • 4500 RPM
  • 110-220 VAC for Universal Use
  • Low Profile, Contemporary Design
  • Vibration Control
  • Built-In Accessory Drawer
  • 5 Year Limited Warranty

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Included with the Grinder2:

Quick-Fit Bit System 3/4 in.

Engineered with an industrial elastomer, the patented Quick-Fit Bit System absorbs grinding vibration and can be adjusted vertically on the grinder shaft, enabling full utilization of the grinding surface. Changing bits is fast, even for individuals with reduced grip strength. Replacement sleeves available in Rapid, Standard, Fine and Ultra Fine varieties.

The Aqua Flow System

The patented Aqua Flow System brush bristles transfer water from the reservoir to grinding bit heads via capillary action, requiring addition of water only at the onset of grinding.

Mini Splash Guard

The miniature version of the full Guard2 Splash Curtain helps maintain a clean, dry work surface while grinding.

Accessory Drawer

The exclusive, compartmentalized and built-in drawer is a space saving way to store spare bits, Aqua Flow System replacement brushes and more!

Removable Water Tray

Unlike other grinders, the water reservoir comes equipped with a removable water tray which can be easily emptied and cleaned after use. With handles on each side, the lift-out tray makes cleanup simple and safe. Eliminate carrying the entire grinder to the sink or potentially spilling its contents on floors and work surfaces.

Water Wave Stabilizer and Support System

The patented and uniquely designed main grid includes supports and baffles on the underside to stabilize work surface and limit water movement during tray transport.

EZ-View® Windows & Lift Grid

It’s important to keep a sufficient flow of water to the bit head while grinding. Fill to the Water Level Mark indicated inside the reservoir to ensure an optimal amount of water and prevent overfilling. Reservoir water level can be continuously monitored through the EZ-View Windows. The cut outs allow the Lift Grid to be easily removed for addition of water or cleaning.

Everwear® Bit Guard

Made from stainless steel, the bit guard allows for a secure fit between the Quick-Fit Bit® and the Grid. 3/4" Everwear Bit Guard Included, 1" Everwear Bit Guard Optional.

Universal Compatibility

Electric voltages and frequencies vary by country. THE GRINDER2 is rated for universal voltage 110 – 220 VAC and is equipped with a 5 ft. (1.5 m) durable and removable 3-prong cord available for US, UK, AUS and EU outlets.