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SKU: IN-ResistKit

Make your own resist patterns.   You get one sheet of resist and one sheet of Accuart3 vellum.  Each sheet is 10" x 12".


The process requires printing your design on dull side of the clear vellum and then placing that agianst the dull side of the resist and exposing them to ultra-violet light for a few minutes. 


This is high detail resist capable of producing  drawings, symbols, lettering, logos, etc., as well as putting photographic images on glass.


Photosensitive.  Do not expose the resist to room light for longe than 3 minutes.  Must be used under yellow light for longer periods.  The clear vellum is not light sensitive.



1. Use an inkjet printer to print your design on the dull side of the clear vellum.


2. Place the ink side of the clear vellum you printed against the dull side of the resist sheet and expose to ultra-violet light for 1 1/2 to 3 minutes.  Do a test piece first.


3. Put the resist onto the glass (as shown in the video below) and blast until you have the desired image on the glass.


TIPS: The dull side of the clear vellum is slightly frosted. For the resist, when you slide your fingernail against the shiny side it will slides easily.  The dull side will pull at your fingernail. 


See video on using resist here: http://youtu.be/BWnZ77bRKkg