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Product Description

Keeping your purse or tote clean and close at hand is easy with this customizable hanger. The 31.5 mm diameter round pad is ready for you to adhere your art and features a non-slip rubber backing. The hinged, fold-flat design makes this handy little accessory super-convenient to carry - just roll it up and slide it into a pocket of your bag and it will always be hanging around, ready for use. Holds up to 6 pounds. Sold individually.

The projects shown below are courtesy of one of our loyal customers Lisa Baxter.  You can find a nice collection of her hand crafted items on her website: http://glassintrigues.com/

The case is 35.1 mm diameter ( 1 3/8") 

Purse hanger blank



   This is the hanger un-opened and before dressing up.









Left shows it unfolded with the non-slip base.


And below open on a stone.


Above left a 3/4" stripe thin dichroic with clear cap.                


 Above right a 3mm GM Ripple with a clear cap.