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The studio line of Stackable electric kiln models can be used in the home, studio or school setting.  These models are built with 2 ½” and 3” brick, compressed together by stainless steel bands and come in top loading cylindrical shapes.  Whatever width you choose, stackable electric kilns can be built in a range of depths from 18”, 22.5”, 27” or 31.5”.  Models are available in cone 8 – fires to 2300°F or cone 10 – fires to 2350°F versions, your choice.

Olympic 23” and 28” wide models come equipped with a lid lift assist for easy opening and closing of the kiln lid.  The 28” models are built with 3” brick for both the cone 8 & cone 10 versions.

The Stackable electric kilns are easy to operate equipped with electronic controllers which provide automatic programming for cone fire methods and ramp-hold programming. These models are easy to maintain.  The electronic controllers are component based and replacing parts is simple and quick to do.  The Stackable electric kilns come apart in sections which makes it easy to move them to another location or through a small opening.  The Stackable electric kilns make maintenance work easily accessible when work is only required on one section of the kiln.