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$9.00 - $42.00
SKU: MC-100

DIY  MC-100 MOTOR CONTROLLER        (ships only to continental US states)  

Control  the speed and direction of all those DC motors

DC Motors


The PCB requires 5vdc for the 14M2 micro-processor, which is the heart of the system.  There is also a terminal for motor voltages.  It will control motors with voltages up to 36 volts and 600 milliamps.

This PCB can control speed and direction of one or two motors, which could be used for robots, model cranes, helicopters, animation and so many other creative projects.  It can also control solenoids and relays.

The PCB has four other available outputs to control devices, such as lights, bells, servo motors, sensors and other devices.  The micro-processor is pre-programmed to slow start a motor, bring it up to speed, run it for a period and then ramp down and stop for a period before repeating the cycle.

For those who want to dabble in re-programming the chip, there is a 3.5mm stereo jack on board which will connect the PCB to the PICAXE Editor 6 on your computer, which is a free download from PICAXE and will let you write and download programs to any PICAXE chip.

For those who lack programming skills, we suggest you look at our 14M2 Trainer Course, which will teach you all the basic programming you need to reprogram this chip and write programs for other projects.

All PCB connections are made with sure-grip screw terminals. The PCB is available as a DIY MC-100 KIT or pre-assembled and tested PCB.  This powerful PCB will help you create many new motor circuits.


MC-100 PCB







Our PCB's are high quality with the following features:

  • The laminate is 0.062" FR-4 epoxy glass with a copper thickness of ~0.0017".

  • Etching resolution is: 0.006" minimum.

  • Trace width is sized to meet the required current carrying capacity of the circuit.

  • Board maximum operating temperature is 125 degrees C.

  • All holes are plated through so soldering may be done on either side of the board.  This allows you to the connectors for the power, flashers, servos and reed switch from beneath if you want to hide the PCB inside a building on the layout.


DIY MC-100 KIT includes: The PCB and all parts ready to mount and solder in place.      $37


ASSEMBLED and TESTED MC-100 PCB      $42



This optional building is designed to hide the MC-100 PCB electronics with easy access through it's removable roof.

MC-100 Building








1 MC-100 PCB                                   

2 – 2pin screw terminals  

1 – 8pin screw terminal

1 – 3.5mm stereo jack                       

1 – push button switch 

1 – 3pin header                                  

1 – 14 pin socket                                  

1 – 16 pin socket                                   

1 – 14M2 micro-processor

1 – L293D motor drive IC

5 – .1 uf capacitors                             

1 – 22k ohm, 1/8 watt resistor      

1 – 10k ohm, 1/8 watt resistor 

1 - detailed instructions